Friday, November 08, 2013

Friday Funnies

Sidge wanted me to print him out a Superhero word find like this.  He informed me, "You need to type in Superhero word hunt. That will give you just one. But if you want more than one, you need to type in Superhero word huntS. You got it mom?"


Me; "We need to wear knee and elbow pads when learning to ride a bike."
Isaac: "I don't want to wear a helmet Mom."
Me: "You have to."
Isaac: "Why?"
Me: "Because if you hit your head, you could get really hurt. Or even die."
Sidge: "Then I think we should wear a helmet on our whole body.'


Me: "Tomorrow you turn five and a half Isaac. It's your half  birthday."
Isaac: "What do we get for five and a half?"
Me: "Nothing. We just say hey, you are five and a half."
Isaac: "Well that's not a very fun birthday."

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