Thursday, November 07, 2013


Today our firstborn turns five and a half years old. Words that would describe our Isaac include:
  • Serious -- But oh when he laughs, what a great laugh it is, made all the more wonderful by the fact that you know you have truly earned hearing it.
  • Silly -- From 4-6pm each day Isaac is in goof-ball mode. I have to admit that it can be a bit exhausting. But I love that fact that he still approaches life as a child. I don't want that to ever change, and yet I know it will.
  • Devoted -- Isaac is not one to hug your or sweet talk you or even talk to you if you are not in his immediate circle. He is kind to everyone but truly shows his devotion to his intimate circle.
  • Gentle -- While he can forget and his silliness can take over, he, that I can remember, has never hurt someone on purpose. It's not in him to hurt anyone.
  • Sweet -- Our favorite time with Isaac is moments before he falls asleep. He is full of hugs and tender words. JB and I both try to find time to get into see Isaac when he is drifting off to sleep. It is precious.
Currently his favorite things include:

Small Dog and Blue Bear -- his loyal companions. He would take these animals everywhere with him if we let him. (We try to protect them from an early demise by keeping them in the house.)

Anything sweet -- especially candy, ice cream, and marshmallows. While his egg allergy prevents baked goods from being fully embraced, this child has a radar for all things junk-food! His favorite place to go is the "Red Cafe" around the corner from our house for ice cream or a lollipop or a chocolate milk.

Running & jumping -- Isaac is incredibly "good" with his body. His sense of balance and ability to never get hurt are amazing. He is quite the mountain goat! He loves to climb on the rocks that surround all beach areas here on the island. 

My dear, sweet little boy. I know I am sometimes too hard on you and expect too much from you. You are still just a little boy even though you seem so grown up. Your heart is one of gold. I love you so much and am so incredibly happy to be your mother. Thank you for loving me so fully in return. I still cannot even believe that we have the incredible privilege to be your parents. I know that you don't fully understand what adoption means, but I pray that as you begin to understand it more and more, you truly know that you were loved immensely by two separate families and that each of those families came together to give you the best life we could.

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