Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wee-wind Wednesday

Today is a perfect day to flash back to over a year ago. It was in September of 2012 that we had our last Code Brown ... Until today that is, when dear Abigail chose to institute a repeat performance. Yesterday while her brothers played in the living room and her sister was just waking up and we had to be at Bible study in thirty minutes and JB wasn't home and it was just me with the four kids as his parents were napping ... Abigail blessed us again.

I tried to wash everything down the tub, but the drain wasn't draining and Hannah was screaming and the boys decided this would be a perfect time to get in a wrestling match. I went downstairs to find that we now had two leaks evidenced during the all day rain we had that day. We were late and I was near tears so I sent JB and his parents an email and left the tub still occupied with .... Well, you know .... And just left.

I'm not proud of leaving said items in said tub. But I did it.

I told his Mom via email NOT to clean it up. Told her that I would do it later.

But she cleaned it. When we got home after Bible study she had cleaned the tub.

That is love.

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