Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Adoption: the Kahler Family

Deanna: "I'll never forget the day our daughter was born. It was winter and there was fresh coating of snow on the grass and trees. As my husband and I gazed out into our backyard that morning while eating breakfast, we were filled with many emotions - hope, fear, excitement, anticipation and a touch of sadness. We wondered, Was our dream to become parents finally going to come true? After two miscarriages and more than two years waiting to adopt, it was sometimes hard to imagine finally having a child. We also knew that our daughter's birth mom would be experiencing many emotions as well, and didn't know for sure if she would ultimately decide to parent or not. We were putting our hearts on the line. But we knew it was worth the risk.

Later that afternoon as we held our daughter for the first time, it was a overwhelming experience. She was so beautiful and precious. And although we knew the adoption wasn't a sure thing, we loved her immediately and knew that our lives would be forever changed just by meeting her. Our lives did indeed change. We did become her parents. She has amazed us, blessed us and enriched our lives with her enthusiastic personality, her zest for life and her compassion. We love her with all our hearts and feel lucky everyday for the wonderful gift of adoption. All of the pain and struggles we went through finally led us to our precious daughter -- the child who was meant to be with us all along."
For more information about Deanna, please visit www.deannakahler.com. You can also read about her journey to motherhood in her book, "From Pain to Parenthood." 

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