Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tooth #1

It's official. First lost tooth in our family belongs to Isaac John!

This is honestly a bitter-sweet moment for me. I am amazed at how effected I was by this dumb little tooth. Really makes me realize that my little miracle is growing up!

This tooth had been loose for almost a week. We'd check on it everyday. Today, the boys were playing in the other room when they both come sprinting into the kitchen. Pretty typical of our family that it was our little chattery Sidge who made the announcement, "Isaac lost his tooth!" while Isaac just grinned from ear to ear!


AW said...

Gah! JK is 6 1/2 and still has NOT lost a tooth. Eeeks!

Carla said...

Jackson ran up when he saw the picture, saying, "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He asked, "Was he happy?" I said, "I think so:)"