Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Off my mom game

Today, I just wasn't on my game.

I blame it on fatigue. And the printer running out of ink right in the middle of trying to print superhero pictures for the boys for a superhero book we have been talking about making. And the fact that I thought I could transfer photos from the iPad to the computer, but I couldn't so I tried to email them, but twelve emails later I discovered that the quality of the pictures stunk when they were shrunk for emailing. And Abigail's constant weeping and requesting to watch Mickey Mouse. And Sidge's natural ability to provoke Abigail while putting forth nearly no effort in doing so. And the fact that the van's battery was dead again today when I climbed into it. And a popcorn kernel up Abigail's nose. (Grama was totally on her game for handling that one.) Scrubby was barking non-stop. We had two different unannounced visitors that sent the house into chaos. It poured rain on my hanging dry clothes.

Need I go on?

My patience was poor. I yelled too much. I spoke kindly way too little. I got annoyed way too easily. I jumped to conclusions too quickly.

Tonight I apologized to Isaac for blaming him for leaving a light on in the van, when, in actuality, upon JB's research, it appears it was the mom (aka "me") who probably did it. I asked Isaac if he would forgive me.

"Of course Mom."

Tomorrow will be a brand new day.

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AW said...

Oh girl. I had that day TODAY. Yelled at Jonathan. Yelled at Evan AND the little boy I watch. Like crazy lady bad yelling that would have mortified me if I'd seen someone else do it. I've got a cold. Evan has a worse cold. Right off the heals of having a terrible tummy bug for about 10 days. NOTH-ING went right today. I apologized, but knew the damage was already done. Jonathan didn't really even want to talk to me. I go to bed tonight knowing I have the Lord's Grace upon me, but not sure of how my child looks at me now.

Hang in there. Fresh mercies tomorrow! :-)