Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Funnies

Me: "Do you know how lucky you are to have a brother that is your age that likes to play all the same things that you do?"
Sidge: "But Mom. There's one problem."
Me: "What's that?"
Sidge: "What if there is only one thing for us to both play with?"

Me: "I can't go to the father-daughter dance. I can only do the mother-son dance."
Sidge: "Right. I am a son."
Me: "Yes. You are a boy."
Sidge: "Right. And Abigail is a girl."
Me: "Right. What is the difference between a boy and a girl?"
Sidge: "Well ... a boy has short hair. But some have long hair."
Me: "And what about a girl?"
Sidge: "Well, they can have long or short hair too."
Me: "Okay. So that means they are the same."
Sidge: "Right but boys are handsome and girls are pretty."
Me: "And that's the only difference?"
Sidge: "Yep."


Sidge: (Yelling for me to come and help him while I am doing Abigail's hair.)
Me: "Sidge. What am I doing right now?"
Sidge: "Abigail's hair."
Me: "Right. And how many of me are there?"
Sidge: "Just one."
Me: "Right. So I can only do one thing at a time because ..."
Sidge: "Well, what if you had one hundred arms?"
Me: "But I don't."
Sidge: "Yeah. You only have two hands, right?"
Me: "Right."
Sidge: "Everyone only has two hands except Scrubby. He has four."

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