Monday, November 18, 2013

Me, my BOB, and my miracles

Once upon a time, we got word that there was a little boy that was waiting for US to adopt him! So everyone I knew had a baby shower for me (seven of them in all!) and we got all kinds of wonderful things. One of those things was this awesome jogging stroller from my sister-in-law AD.

We set it up but never used it because just six weeks after Isaac joined our family, we got word that we were expecting a second miracle! And so we packaged that jogger up and put the money toward the deluxe edition!

It was a BOB stroller and it was the one thing that JB and I totally and utterly splurged on. For the next 18 months on Eglin Air Force Base and for the two years that followed when life took us to Turkey, that BOB was my best friend. The boys and I went everywhere in it. In Turkey, no one has a second vehicle and so I used that jogger to go anywhere we went on Base.

Always seemed like a miracle to me. Every time I loaded up the boys in that jogger and leashed Scrubby up next to us and we began our walk around the Base. Here I was -- a supposed infertile woman -- pushing around two little boys. I couldn't imagine my life being any more blessed.

The BOB has basically sat in our garage since moving to Portugal. At first, I could use it with the boys in the stroller and Abigail in a back-pack on my back. But then they started getting too big. Abigail started getting too big. And the stroller basically parked itself in our garage. Last year I was too sick to really walk anywhere. So the BOB stayed home. (In fact, my friend Carla used it more than I did when taking her boys for jogs.)

Yesterday I took my first real post-baby walk. I'm finally feeling nearly ready to get back into exercising and so I loaded up my BOB. The boys are too big now and stayed home with Daddy, but Abigail and baby joined me.

And somewhere, on the middle of my walk, the incredible fact that just six years after our fourth failed IVF, I was not pushing two little boys but now pushing two little girls all came crashing down on me.

How in the world did we get here?

How did we go from two little boys to two little girls? Four little kids in total.

And how has my BOB evolved from a boy-machine to a girl-machine in just a few years?

I wrote on Facebook that yesterday I clipped a total of EIGHTY finger and toenails.

The blessing is not lost on me, and I pray daily for those of you still waiting for your miracle to come true. I hope people see me as I am. I was that person that miracles were not supposed to come true for.

And here I am.

Me, my BOB, and my four little miracles.

Five ... if you count the dog.


AW said...

We got a 2nd hand BOB on CraigsList for $225. It was a very good condition and a STEAL, IMO. Like you, we're a one car family, so sometimes it was my only means of transportation with the boys. We still use it on long jaunts (4 & 6 yo) when I know the walk is just too far and they'll complain. I've loaded a ton of groceries on it too. :-)

Faith said...

So wonderful! I know how those moments can just hit you. They are beautiful! I got your comment:). Feel free to email me at faithroof@ hotmail dot com and we can talk about what you need and I can email it to you:). Thank you!!!