Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Adoption: Debbie Michael

Debbie and her son Roma, adopted from Russia 11 years ago.

What is the first step in the process of adoption?

As an adoptive mother for over eleven years now, I remember my first unexpected step very vividly!  Already the proud and very comfortable mother of three older children, I was NOT interested in taking any steps that might disrupt my status quo.

God obviously had other plans for me!

In a rare moment of heightened awareness of God, my heart heard one troubling, unwelcome word—"adoption."  The relentlessly  recurring theme of "adoption" would soon morph into "adoption of an older Russian boy."  

"But God," I would argue, "haven't You noticed I have three kids already?" "But God, don't you see how busy I am?"  "But God, I don't want to."

Tiny, reluctant steps eventually led us to Russia two years later, in 2002, to bring home seven-year-old Roma, a child who had been relinquished to an orphanage at the same time God had first whispered "adoption" to my heart. It didn't take long for us to recognize that God had Hand-picked this funny boy especially for our family. I am so grateful that we didn't miss out on the wonders and the glory God had in store for us!

Last fall I published But the Greatest of These is Love about our journey of following God to adoption. I learned God's will for our lives is infinitely richer than the safe, comfortable lives we plan for ourselves. My prayer is that our story makes Him visible.

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