Sunday, November 03, 2013

Military Moments: Opportunities

One of the great things about being in the military are the opportunities we get and our children get -- simply because we are in the military. Discounts and free days at amusement parks ... and invitations to the White House! These perks are not lost on people in the military. We really appreciate the thoughtfulness. It truly does make us feel special to be recognized in these fashions.

My friend from Turkey Sarah Stebbins (aka "Stebbs"), her husband Ryan, and their son William, got to go to the White House on Halloween for trick-or-treating! How cool is that? Even better? Five-year-old William walked right up to the President and said, "Ahoy Matey!" (He was dressed like Jake the pirate.) "I'm William."

The President bent down and patted his back and said, "Hi William. I'm Mr. Obama."

William replied with, "Okay, sir."

Stebbs is not a writer so she didn't want to write this post, but she did send some pictures so we could all be a part of this opportunity available to military children on the night of Halloween! Put your politics aside for a moment. This is just a very cool blessing for their family! (And one I would have definitely jumped on!)

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic memory for William-to say he went to the White House!
I love his innocence and joy in the moment- "Hi matey"-Awesome:)
I look forward to just SEEING it in person some day-what a blessing:)
grandma k