Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Small Doggie's" birthday (Part II)

Isaac picked out the cake (strawberry) and frosting (vanilla). Trust me! I woulda picked chocolate something! I did, however, decide that "Small Doggie" was turning 5 -- since we already had a #5 candle from Isaac's birthday (which I am saving for Sidge's in January.)

We were just going to have a little party with our family, but at the last minute, Isaac was like, "Aren't we going to have any friends over?" Ummmm ... sure ... of course! Quickly Facebook Josh and Rebekah around the corner who agree to bring their three kiddos (and their own favorite stuffed animal) over to participate in party.

Grama K. made placemats and napkins with a bone on them and even bone-shaped rice krispy treats! I kid you not! Neither Joel nor Abigail seemed to care. They just wanted some cake!

Small Doggie getting ready to dive in to the egg-free strawberry cake.

Isaac and his new buddy "Elijah Storey" as we call him, getting ready to blow out the candle together. ("Small Doggie" needed some help with that part.)

Conferring with Blue Bear on who gets to eat the most cake.

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