Monday, November 04, 2013

The world: From a Four-year-old's Perspective

I let Sidge take some pictures with the IPAD the other day. I thought it was quite amusing to see how the world actually looks from his perspective.

A self portrait.

A picture of the big mirror in our living room.

Telling the camera how old he is.

A recently demolished play area.

What his Mommy is doing while he is taking pictures. I'm feeding Hannah while Abigail hangs out with us and Scrubby takes a nap on the floor.

Abigail's chair.

What he left behind to take the pictures.

Here I am trying to help Isaac with a game on the computer while I am feeding Hannah and sitting with Abigail.

The train room.

My feet.



His Robin mask.

His sister in HER chair.

His sister, most likely moving in for the kill.

The ceiling.

Abigail caring for Hannah after she ate.


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Jan Swisher said...

If you ever do a piece of the "world according to Scrubs," Sidge gave you the perfect lead in pic (the one of a floor level view of Scrubby. LOL Loved seeing what was important to your sweet boy.