Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm the worst ...

... at giving my babies tummy time.

Ask me to let them cry-it-out to go to sleep?

No problem!

Ask me to let them cry-it-out to strengthen their necks and back and whatever-other-muscles-tummy-time-is-supposed-to-help?

I stink at it!

I have no will power. They start crying and fussing. I make it like, two minutes. Tops. And then I scoop them up and tell them I'm so sorry that the mean doctor makes me put them on their belly like that.

Truth is ... hubby is always asking whether I have given her tummy time. But I think he has even less ability to let them scream there on their belly then I do.

It's like shots.

Every single time the kids have to get shots, JB, who works in the same building that they get their shots in, is just ... too ... busy. This has been true since they were born.

"It's shot day," I tell him in the morning over breakfast. "If you aren't too busy, maybe you can come over and be there for them while they are getting their shots?"

"Ohhh ... I can't. Today is just too busy of a day. I'm sure of it!"



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