Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shower on Terceira

I had the opportunity to pull of a SURPRISE baby shower for my friend Rebekah. I told her that I just needed some girl time, and I scheduled a dinner at Buzios -- right next to both of our houses. But the other gals knew it was more than girl time. It was Rebekah time.

I continue to find baby showers a very sensitive thing. I recognize that for those who aren't married or who do not have children, they can cause pain. So I am always very sensitive when throwing or participating in them. We keep things very low-key baby-wise. I managed to get some old friends of Rebekah from Florida to write her some notes, and gave out some blue Christmas ornaments. We had a wonderful time!

P.S. A huge thank you to my mother-in-law for making such an awesome gluten-free cake!


Sarah and Hannah (both of whom work with JB and Josh -- Rebekah's husband.)

Katherine and Hannah -- two wonderful Christmas women I have had the pleasure to get to know on the island.

Rebekah with Cambri and Cami -- all awesome ladies!

So thankful to have this lady in my backyard.

Sweet notes from friends in the state she just left.

An amazing cake made by an amazing woman.

Me with the best mother-in-law in the world.

Our group.

Another little brother for Rebekah -- this will make her fourth boy!

A motorcycle diaper "cake" made by Cami.

Our awesome friend Shelby made a coupon book for Rebekah with all kinds of babysitting goodies!

Crashing a photo

Only on our island ... because there were only four baby shower cards to choose from, Hannah decided that the risk of a double was too great. She instead went for a Christmas card and just edited it! Love it!

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