Monday, November 11, 2013

"Small Doggie's" birthday (Part I)

This is "Small Doggie."

And this is "Small Doggie" with his loyal companion "Blue Bear."

"Small Doggie" got his name because, at some point, in fear of something happening to him, we bought two more "Doggies" that looked identical. The idea was to save them for an emergency. But instead, Isaac commandeered one, and Sidge the other. Because Isaac's new doggie was not as well loved, it was "bigger" and thus became "Big Doggie." 

(Sidge's became "Strong Doggie." I don't know why.) 

And while Isaac loves "Big Doggie", it is only "Small Doggie" and "Blue Bear" that have etched a permanent place in his heart.

"Small Doggie" was a gift from Joni and Bri very early on. "Blue Bear" was a little bear at a baby shower thrown by my friend Tiffany back in Eglin. I found this picture. This would have been "Blue Bear's" very first photo!

Recently, we've had to try to start limiting appearances by these two little fellas. Isaac would bring them everywhere if he could, but even in our own house, we are losing them all the time. Oh the searches we have gone on in our home for these two little stuffed animals. So now, they are restricted to the second floor -- except for on special occasions!

A few weeks ago, Isaac told me that "Blue Bear's" birthday was on May 8th -- the day after his own. But he told me he didn't know when "Small Doggie's" birthday was. He asked me when it was. I made up a date. I said it was on November 5th.

Isaac became obsessed with that date, and we even had to put a calendar on the wall counting down to that date. He got a gift bag from me and went around the house and filled it with presents for "Small Doggie." We began discussing the need for a cake on his birthday. And before I knew it, a party had been planned.

Stay tuned ... 

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