Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween at Lajes Field

Our Base has a great tradition each year on Halloween. From 6-7:30pm, the Americans get the run of the Base for trick-or-treating. At 7:30pm, they open the gates and let the locals in to trick or treat. It is a MAD HOUSE. Our Bible Study group hung out at our friends Cody & Cambrie. When the Portuguese contingent arrived, it was 19 minutes before their house was out of candy. (Last year they only made it 7 minutes.) People fill garbage cans full of candy and still run out!

The Portuguese waiting to enter. 


Our Bible Study Group decided to pass out candy apples and little tracts sharing our faith. 

Here's a close-up of the message we shared with our visitors. (We made 150 of these for the Americans and 450 of these for the Portuguese in their language!)

The candy apples close-up.

Grama K. helping dip the apples. (These made it through the Americans but only a very choice few Portuguese received one.)

Our Portuguese friend Luis and his boys (Tiago and Diogo) joined us for the evening. (They wanted to do it American-style!)

Our new friend Sarah hung out with us (and helped me with all the kiddos, especially Hannah when JB and I took our bigger three trick-or-treating.) Sarah works with JB and Josh at the Clinic.

Our Supergirl! (Thanks Patty & Yamil!) 

The adorable Micah.

Sidge with his Portuguese friends. They don't speak the same language, but they still have a great time together.

JB borrowing the Robin mask.

Abigail checking out the pumpkins. She was SO cute trick-or-treating. She'd go up with her bag and say "Treat." and then do the sign for "thank-you" (which is patting her mouth.)

This guy had a great idea for steering away people who weren't serious about getting candy.

Many adults dressed up to pass out candy.

The Base Commander -- Colonel Bargery had a mask on, and Abigail would not go near him. But he took it off, she said, "Off" and then immediately approached for a hand-out.

Captain America Jr. found his Sr.

Abigail spotted this dog and was immediately smitten.

They let her hold the dog. (Not sure I would have advised that.)



And then, as our time came to an end, the gates were opened, and the Portuguese came running! It was a MAD HOUSE!

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