Monday, November 04, 2013

Hannah's 2 (months!)

With jelly beans, I was able to get a two month photo! Sticking with our sibling tradition this go-round, here are the best shots. (Daddy is going to kill me for putting a bow in her hair but mannn, that hair needed help so it didn't stand STRAIGHT UP!

The four.

Blow-up of her and big brother.

Hair straight up.

Another prop to try to tame the locks.

And I loved this snap of the two middles.

Today, Hannah is currently:
  • Sleeping through the night about half the time. She is in bed by 8pm and will sometime wake at 3am and sometimes go until 5 or 6am. She's an all-star!
  • Giggling (She did it the first time today)
  • Smiling (pretty regularly) -- here's a video of her smiling
  • Taking most of her naps in her crib or pack-n-play (she prefers this)
  • Sleeping in the pack-n-play in the living room or in her crib in Abigail's room when Abigail isn't using the room
  • 12 pounds and 15 pounces (92nd percentile)
  • 24 inches (95th percentile)
  • 41 cm in head circumference (92nd percentile)

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