Saturday, November 23, 2013

From Isaac's Eyes

Just a little while ago, I found that Sidge had commandeered my iPAD and taken a bunch of pictures. I posted his perspective of the world here: The World: From a Four Year Old's Perspective.  Today, Isaac told me he wanted to take some pictures. So I gave him my small digital camera and let him at it. He took 180 pictures! Here, are some of my favorites. 

 This is currently Isaac's favorite pajama shirt. He calls it "Small Doggie." It is definitely TOO SMALL, but he wants to wear it every night, and I have to try to wash it and dry it in a day so he can wear it again. We've been discussing "retiring" Small Doggie Shirt but currently, he's having none of it. The current discussion centers around Grama cutting Doggie out and sewing him onto a bigger shirt so he can still be utilized.

I especially love the burp up on my right shoulder. Guess I was just holding Abigail. 

He got lots of fun pictures of Scrubs.

Good boy!

Our pantry.

A view of Hannah sitting in her bouncer on the counter. (Yes, I know you are not supposed to put them on high surfaces, but I do. There I admitted it!)

Our USA map that is on the wall in the hallway.

Catching his brother and sister playing in the train room.

This is Abigail's "I'm not going to smile" face.

Me changing Abigail's clothes. I didn't even know Isaac was there.

Fireman Sam crew.

His brother, getting ready to help Grampa with the recycling.

Sidge loading up the recycling.


Mommy -- yikes!


Me helping Abigail put on a costume. (This kid requires a lot of changes daily!)

Sidge on the run.

Grampa and Scrubs heading out.

Fruit on the counter.

I got this on 50% off sale. Figure the kids don't care if it is not Halloween time anymore!

Our pumpkin on the kitchen counter.

Scrubby had been sick this week with a terrible ear ache. He spent the first few days of the week just lying around. He's been making up for lost time -- the dog was all over today -- as evidenced by the abundance of pictures Isaac got of him.


A view under Hannah's chair on the kitchen counter. Unique perspective I doeth thinketh.

Our Hannah. She fell asleep in this chair, holding onto the toy on the far right.

Transformers fighting.

Abigail helping me make cupcakes.

That is Sidge. Look closely. He is using the spatula that is supposed to be helping me flip quesadillas, for making lines on the carpet in the living room. Sigh ...

Kid spaces.

A very fun book that my friend Carla gave us which Abigail was using for her own "school work" time this morning.

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Anonymous said...

He did very well!! interesting perspective on things that grown-ups don't see from that height!