Saturday, November 02, 2013

Bob Levinson

This is how I remember the Levinson family. I played AAU Basketball with Susan (on her father's right) and Stephanie (on her father's left) for many years in high school. They were a fantastic family with seven beautiful children, of which Susan and then Stephanie were the oldest. They were always together. I recently received a friend request from Stephanie and realized that their father, Bob Levinson, whom I knew when he looked like the photo above, has been missing since 2007. He was a retired FBI agent who was kidnapped off the coast of Iran in 2007. He has been held hostage for 2,429 days. I wanted to help spread the word This month, Levinson will become one of the longest-held Americans in history passing the 2,454 days Terry Anderson spent in captivity before being freed by Islamic militants in Lebanon in 1991. Please take the chance to read Bob's story and like their Facebook page. 

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