Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our family of 3 (soon to be 4)

Well I decided to share all of our favorite photos from Kara with you. Please check out her website and if you like the photos, give her your business!

Click to play Family of 3


Anonymous said...

Pics are awesome. Wonderful ,adorable family. Praying for ur safe delivery Wendi.


ReBenMyers said...

What great photos. I hope you are doing well. I know you don't have much longer till you see your little boy and I know it is not a race, but I hope you win!!! I am doing great. God Bless

Kristi H. Hunt said...

Awesome Pictures!

Loved Little Ones said...

Outstanding photos!
Congrats on your growing family :)And old HPer,
Jen (JDB) and fam
--you told me about ivf, and our factors and you encouraged me. THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful!! Even though it was cloudy the sky is so beautiful! What wonderful keepsakes!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are amazing!!! At first glance I honestly thought it was a back-drop - the pictures are so perfect and gorgeous!!!

I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes well. Just imagine, you could be in MN right now in subzero temps for a week.... soak up some sun for me!

Beth Moore LIVE Atlanta said...

Hi Wendi, I love your slideshow and the music makes me quite happy. I feel like I am in the subway in Paris. Everyone else, I took these photos and you should applaud them for being so calm and smiley. It was quite frigid. The sand was ice cold and the wind was relentless. Baby Isaac was a rock-star and didn't even cry! I was amazed. Three cheers for your determination and good attitudes! We may need to do a 38 week photo... I have a fun idea!!!
Love, Kara

Anonymous said...

These pics made me miss you guys even more.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

These are AWESOME!
LOVE them!
You gotta love John & Isaac's eyes...gorgeous. Bet you guys don't regret the COLD photo shoot now!? NONE of you looked the least bit chilly! :)
Thanks for sharing!