Friday, January 16, 2009

Watch out Scrubby!

For the first eight months of Isaac's life, Scrubs could predict the new guy's every move. Isaac sat in one spot. He couldn't leave that spot. As a result, Scrubs' could choose his own spot with quiet confidence. He'd often lie down a few feet from Isaac while Isaac played. Here, he could keep an eye on the little man without having to deal with flying toys and open mouthed kisses, and paw grabbing, and the like.

Scrubs is now confused by the new little dude that Isaac is morphing into. His "safe zone" no longer exists. Wherever he lies down, Isaac can get to him and find him and join him. "No lick" is a lot harder when the little dude brings you toys and tries to stuff them in your mouth . . . or when he puts his own face right in front of yours.

Scrubs is doing an amazing job, but as you can see from this video, our little world has been changed by Isaac's mobility. Scrubs' world has been the most changed. Let the adventures begin!


Anonymous said...

that is a great video! Would love for all the people who say Dals are not good with kids to see it.

Tim and Roxanne said...

Did anyone other than me out there here Scrubby saying "no lick, Isaac, No lick!"?
This was an absolutely adorable video. Thanks for sharing Wendi!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

LOL...Roxi's comment kills me!
Love the video! :)

Marlene said...

In a few weeks, this is going to become very interesting. Wendi...I think you are going to have to teach Isaac and Elijah "NO LICK" when they are both sitting next to Scrubs. Cute as always video.

AW said...

LOL! This is probably my favorite video you've posted.

But I know what Scrubby's thinking, "Hey. I get told no lick, but why does he get to open mouth kiss my head and paws?"