Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deliverin' some babies (just not mine)

It's a rainy Saturday and JB is on call for OB. I'm sure he's delivering lots of babies. Unfortunately, my baby is not one of them. We joked as he left that I hoped I'd be up there later today as a patient, but so far we are still just a family of 3 + dog.

Saturday call days are always a little bit of a bummer. JB leaves early in the morning and doesn't return until Sunday morning. If he hasn't gotten any sleep, it'll be off to bed for most of Sunday. Add to that the fact that he needs to do his long run tomorrow (eight miles again) in preparation for his half-marathon training, and there won't be a lot of time to spend together.

Isaac and I are currently waiting for him to call and tell us that we can come up and bring him dinner and visit a bit with him. These are long days for me as, by about 6pm, my body is beginning to reject the notion of carrying around 40 extra baby pounds and 20 extra Isaac pounds. Unfortunately, Daddy is scheduled for call days the week before and the week after I am due to deliver as well! Not great timing. Our friend Matt may take one of those for JB on a swap to try to help us out. We'll just have to wait and see when baby Elijah decides to make his big debut

For now, we are actually praying baby does not come until Tuesday. I just got a call from Dr. G. and she is headed out of town for two days to meet with birthmom. She'll be back late Monday night. So, Elijah dear, stay put until then now okay?

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Anonymous said...

He did it! it's Tuesday morning! Yeah!