Friday, January 30, 2009

Labor update

Wendi just called again, and she still sounds like her same old self! You'd never know she was in labor from the sound of her voice! =)

She said that not much had changed between my last post and about 6:00. At that point, Dr. G decided to put in a foley bulb (a balloon that they place inside the cervix to help it dilate). This caused Elijah's heart rate to go a bit crazy, and Wendi's contractions very quickly sped up and got a lot more intense. At that point, she decided to get an epidural (which she said it is Wonderful!) This helped her relax a lot more and Elijah's heart rate went back to normal.

She made quite a bit of progress within an hour of having the foley bulb placed, and is now just hoping to get some rest and see how things go.

She also said both moms have made it into town, so everyone is primed and ready for this little guy to make his appearance!

Whoever said that the blog would get 1,000 hits today was right! So far, it's been at least 1,011!

I will likely not have anything else to post until Elijah is actually born... but I'll keep you posted as soon as I know!

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