Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Christmas Photo

Many of you received one of these in the mail. But in case you didn't, here it is. Many people have asked me how I did these cards. You have to remember that I am married to a former graphic designer. JB's first profession was artist. Anytime I ask him to "whip something up", I end up with something much more than I could imagine. I think he did a great job designing these cards this year as well! Good job JB!


Anonymous said...

Very nice card.

I love to see what people come up with for their holiday cards, glad you shared this one with everyone that didn't receive one.


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I would love for him to share his knowledge....if a NON graphic desing could pull of something like this! :)

I thought of YOU yesterday. Ryan came home VERY late and informed us he has to fly to St. Louis Sun. morning for a week of business. YUCK! I remembered how I tried to encourage you, but I didn't really want to hear myself! LOL
Thank God that our hubbies have GREAT jobs! :)