Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No news is the name of the game

No news folks. Still contracting away but no cervical changes to report so they are not consistent enough to be causing labor to start. Like I wrote yesterday, it could be hours, but it could still be a week -- although a week of these contractions doesn't sound like much fun. Until I post otherwise, assume life is continuing in the same fashion -- with Elijah not intent on emerging imminently. Please continue to pray it is sooner rather than later!


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Awh...will pray. I have only briefly and slightly (even though it seemed FULL BLOWN @ the time) expereienced contractions wtih Bub. It was NOT fun. I remember them well. Never went into labor with EITHER child. So with remembrances I pray that soon you will be in delivery! :)

Unknown said...

I am sure you are getting so excited to see this little one. I hope that he gets here soon!!!

Marlene said...

I had contractions with my son Mike that lasted for several days prior to his birth. I too had not dilated. I went to the doctor on a Tuesday and he said, "If you hevn't gone into labor by Thursday we will induce." I went home dejected and depressed as I wanted nature to take it's course and it be as "normal" an experience as possible. (Due to my problems with miscarriages) On Wednesday night, the day before induction day, I went for a long walk, and that night had a Pizza Hut Canadian bacon pizza. I went into labor Thursday morning (induction day) at 02:30.

Call Pizza Hut. :-)

Anonymous said...

Braxton Hicks... I remember them well.

Praying for you all.
Love, Aunt Linda

Amy T. S. said...

Here's another myth for you - take off your metal jewelry. I knew a woman who insisted that this will speed up labor. I don't know!

I've now got your blog on "speed dial."

Anonymous said...

Another myth: Have pizza. A couple gals were in your shoes and had pizza and the next day had their baby. :) lol
He's coming. It won't be long!