Monday, January 12, 2009

Cold day at the beach

Well, we did end up heading down to the beach for some family photos yesterday despite the cloudy weather and cold temperatures. That was the only problem was: it was 43 degrees!

I know, I know, all you folks in Minnesota are rolling on your sides laughing about the fact that I just called 43 degrees cold. But actually, I think it is I who should be laughing at you since I noticed it is currently 3 degrees In good ol' Roch'! Now that is funny!

But cold is relative and directly related to how you are dressed. We weren't dressed for 43 degree weather. I took most of my pictures in my bare feet, blue jeans, and green top. Not enough to feel warm and toasty. Sand is very cold on bare feet when it is 43 degrees.

Isaac was a good sport despite being awfully chilly. He didn't smile much and his little nose was quite red, but he also didn't cry -- even when we left him sitting in the sand, wrapped in his Daddy's jacket, while we took a few pictures of the two of us. And even when he nearly tilted over wrapped in that big jacket. What a good sport.

Afterwards, we headed to McGuire's with Kara and her husband, Philip, and her brother who was also in town. Philip is an intern here at Eglin and is actually on his OB rotation for the next month so I guess the chances are good I'll be running into him when Elijah makes his big debut. They are a wonderful Christian couple, and we had a great time getting to know them better. McGuire's is also a great place to bring a child to eat. Not only is it very loud, but it also has tons of things to look at.

McGuire's was actually the first place we "wifia" gals hung out at way back in July of 2007. Here's a blog on that fun event. While searching for this blog, I wandered on to a post featuring our brand new puppy since we got him right about this same time. Look at how little Scrubs is back in July of 2007.

Well Isaac just woke up and JB is headed to work, so I need to get some wife/mom things done. Praying this is the week that Elijah decides to join us on the outside!

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