Monday, January 12, 2009

So much can change in a day

As of this morning, Isaac did not crawl.

As of yesterday morning, Isaac could not get into a seated position once he went to his stomach.

All of that has changed as of this evening.

Today, I went over to Joia's house for a wonderful lunch and the opportunity to meet her Mom. What a great family! And what great food! During lunch, I noticed that Isaac was moving from his stomach into a seated position with good regularity, something JB and I had witnessed just one time the evening before, and quite honestly, had chalked up to just sort of an "accident."

After my "Moms in Motion class" today (which I am still managing two times a week), JB and I decided to head out on some errands with Isaac in tow. When we got back, Isaac had a bottle, I sat him on the floor, and he decided that it was about time not only to sit up as if he'd been doing it his whole life, but also to CRAWL!

Want proof? Here it is: (Oh and please excuse the excessive bone chewing by Scrubby that you'll hear in the background.)

We are so glad that JB and I have, somehow, managed to be together for nearly all of Isaac's big milestones -- quite an accomplishment considering how often JB is at work. When he rolled over both ways, when he pulled up, when we saw his first tooth, etc. we were both there. Once again, we got to be together for today's big events!

However with this new found excitement, it has now become apparent that my dream of Isaac waiting to crawl until Elijah was quite a bit older, will not come true. I am going to have a moving machine when I bring the new baby home from the hospital -- no doubt about it!

What's even more ironic is that it isn't Scrubs I am worried about bringing a new baby home to. Scrubs knows how to give kids their space. He knows what "no" and "leave it" means.

Isaac on the other hand has no idea how to behave around a baby. He has no idea what "no" means and "leave it" isn't really a command we have spent time working on. I honestly will trust Scrubs alone with Elijah before I'll trust Isaac.

Our life is about to get pretty interesting . . . stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

How cool is this!!:) He is so adorable and it's so neat that you are able to record all of it!
Dad and I loved seeing it and can't wait to see him in action in person!
grandma k

Anonymous said...

Yay, Isaac!!!!
Wendi & John, you guys are definitely going to be busy this year!! It's going to be a continuous adventure!!
Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

O Wendi! How fun. I just hope he doesn't do anything else major after 10:00 in the evening! LOL.
I think if you could do such an awesome job training Scrubs, Isaac will be a piece of cake!! You guys are going to do great!! mom h

Jenny said...

Yeah for another milestone that you guys got to see together! SO cute to watch. We have stared lunging across the floor here, it's not super graceful. Very funny about Scrubs & will be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Wow, great job!


yuan family said...

So exciting! Wendi, if you are wearing a sweater in FL right now, you would have to be wearing at least 10 sweaters in MN today! It is one of those days that makes you wonder why anyone lives here!

Dan & Hillary said...

Just coming out of lurking;-) Friend of Stacey's. Could you drop by Charlotte ( You could help her with the adoption/pregnancy question she is asking. You have a truly inspirational story!

Anonymous said...

How COOL! Great videos! I'm so glad you and JB got to share such a fun event! =)