Thursday, January 15, 2009

Laying low

Yesterday I pushed a little too hard. I have really been focusing on staying home more, resting, and not being so "on-the-go". Yesterday, however, I found myself committed to four things in one day: an OB appointment, the wifia lunch, my workout class, and then Care Group (our weekly Bible Study) in the evening.

Of course, it wasn't that I wanted to cancel on any of these things. I enjoy them all. I couldn't cancel my OB appointment, I love our weekly wive's lunches, and my workout class is something I really want to try and keep doing up until delivery -- especially know that due to how low Elijah's head is resting, my daily 2.5 mile walk with baby and dog has had to be shortened and/or eliminated on most days. We also really enjoy our Bible Study in the evening. However, by the time JB got home last night and got one look at exhausted-wife and a needing-a-nap-son, he called our Care Group Leader to tell him we were just going to have to stay home.

At MOPS on Tuesday, we went around our Discussion Table and talked about what we were going to do for ourselves during the upcoming year. I admitted that there are only two things I selfishly want to do.

The first is to start running again. I am missing running something awful. I crave it, and it has been a long nine months of not running for me. I'm not sure how I will fit this in as Elijah should be about six months old before he gets into a jogger. But I plan to figure it out!

The other goal I have set is to work on not over-committing. To be okay with saying no. To stay home more during the day. To not be on the go. I know that having two boys under nine months old is a season in my life, and it is going to require some drastic changes to my lifestyle. It will also pass by unbelievably quickly. I must remember that it is not healthy for the boys or for me to not be home, to not rest, to not play together. We plan to keep our activities and social engagements to a minimum and just to strive for tranquility.

So far today, I've done a good job of goal #2. We have not left the house yet, Isaac took a wonderful two-hour nap, Mom got a one-hour nap in, and things have been very peaceful.

I'm also very excited to be living in Florida at the current moment. The RLS Foundation in Minnesota had to shut down their office for the day due to severe weather. Last time I looked it was -24 before windchill! OH MY GOSH! I'll stick to my 40-degree days any ol' time.


Rabens Family said...

I am glad to hear that someone else skipped Caregroup too last night. I don't feel so guilty now.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I've been thinking about you today. Our schools were delayed because of the -24 degree weather at the bus stops. We are staying in the rest of the day--it is way too dangerous to be out and about.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but MN makes us tough! love it! :-)

and i was going to tell you...i have been researching joggers and the one we are going to get has an infant car-seat adapter, so you can take them out right away in should check it out!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Does anyone know if they have these car seat adaptors for double joggers? I can only find them for singles?

Rachel said...

I like your what you said you'd do for yourself. I can so relate to staying home more. I was on the go non stop with our son. I think that's why he is so easy going, adaptable, just travels so easily. BUT yeah, we were never home. Now with our 2nd, they are 20 months apart, it just didnt' work to be on the go.
So it seemed that having 2 made it much harder. I since realized how much we were on the go and how content i am to stay put.
I enjoyed it once i told myself I don't have to be on the go to be content. It's easier on me and better for the kids to just stay home and chill.
Of course i'm saying all of this after I just got done blogging about how we're going to Disney World. AHHHH
Ok my dear, continue to take it easy!

TAV said...

I love that I live where our ski plans this weekend are partly falling through because it is "too warm" for the snow to be good...

Anonymous said...

The double BOB jogger is AWESOME, and it has a car seat adapter. Although a little more spendy than the others, you won't regret it.


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

40 degrees is killing me! BRRRRRRR!

Rest up! I love the days that my children and I just have "PJ Days" as Bub calls them. Go NOWHERE and just spend time together! A family needs that...esp. with LITTLE ones!