Friday, January 02, 2009

Feeling better!

Thursday was such a better day in the Kit. home. Daddy did have to work for part of the day despite the holiday, but he got home early enough to: (A) let Mommy take a nap, (B) run four miles with Scrubs, and (C) take Isaac to the grocery store -- which they both love to do together.

Speaking of Isaac, he is still a little on the "cranky pants" side of things, but definitely feeling better. Here's a few snapshots to prove it:
Here is Isaac practicing drinking some Pedialite out of a cuppy. Isaac thinks cups are the greatest thing ever. If JB and I walk into a room drinking out of one, he goes crazy wanting a sip -- he starts bouncing up and down and yelling with quite a bit of vigor. (He actually sips pretty well out of our glasses so we do let him every now and then.) Anyways, that being said, his own cup was definitely a hit! In addition, Isaac's eye is almost back to normal but you can still see the remnants of his brief bout with conjunctivitis in the picture above. His right eye is definitely smaller and a bit more red than his left eye. However, it looks tons better than yesterday.

My buddy Kristi sent this shirt to Isaac for Christmas. I love it! And, it just so happened that AD's parents bought him a cool sweat suit for Christmas that goes great with it. Here he is wearing the sweat suit pants and Kristi's shirt in preparation for Daddy/Boy grocery store outing.

And from the front. Feeling much more like himself as you can see from that smile!

During my alone time while Dad and boy were at the grocery store, I visited with Tiffany to go over Isaac's schedule. She is the official "Isaac" watcher when I go into labor and Bobbie and her family are on "Scrubs's call." It is still a month out, but I knew I would feel better if I could check one more thing off my list. Isaac is going to have so much fun with Matt, Tiffany, and William.

I also took Scrubs over to the Bay to play while the boys were out. Bobbie's husband Jeff and their oldest son Robert were playing catch while we were there. Scrubs loves this as he runs back and forth in between in hopes of a dropped catch and a chance to steal the ball. Our visit was cut a bit short, however, when during one of those dropped catches, Scrubs' head collided with Robert's knee. Robert's got a bruise on his knee but otherwise is just fine. (I am not sure about Scrubby's head on the other hand. Not sure he get much more goofy than he already is.)

JB and Isaac returned from the grocery store and JB went to cooking right away. I knew we were in for a special treat when I saw plantains (which I lovvvveee -- Nigeria memories, huh Tara?) as well as a box with a moving creature inside of it! Egads! I love lobster but really do hate that JB brings them home alive.

Scrubs was equally "freaked" about this live creature in our home. Here he is doing a bit of investigating. JB loves to spook Scrubs -- meanie!

The finished product? Well, photos never seem to do food justice, but I think this one pretty accurately captures our lobster and rice noodle salad as well as the fried plantains and pineapple on the side. Yum!!! Is my husband not the greatest?!

JB should have a bit of a lighter day today as well which is really nice. I am also blessed by the fact that the next month promises to be pretty light all the way around for him. This is especially needed because I am truly slowing down quite a bit. Elijah is definitely head down making me quite uncomfortable -- especially by the end of the day. My sleep on the couch each evening comes in short segments leaving me pretty exhausted throughout the day. I am trying to take more breaks and relax more throughout the day, but I am definitely in need of JB's help by the time 6:00 rolls around. Thank goodness he isn't on any really long rotations from now until Elijah's arrival. He has a few call days but nothing we can't handle.

Hope your first day of 2009 was as fun as ours! I'll leave you with a video of Isaac learning all about his new cup:


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

LOVE IT! Poor Scrubs! Yay for Sippy Cups!

That meal looks AWESOME!

yuan family said...

JB's meal looks awesome but I can't believe he brought the lobster home alive...scary!

AW said...

You have such an adorable life Wendi. It's so good to see y'all so happy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor Mr. Scrubby, JB stop pestering the poor boy.

Thank goodness our local market steams them for you for free here, no more cooking them at the house for me. I take advantage of that steaming with the spices every New Year's Eve.

I agree about the laying down whenever you can. I so vividly remember the sleeping on the couch the last couple months of pregnancy. Sleeping whenever or just a nice restful nap was essential.

Thank goodness you aren't plagued by some of the other horrible conditions. Sounds like you are really getting ready to go. Great to have your plans and affairs all straightened out ahead of time, makes it much easier to relax and enjoy that birth experience.

TAV said...

okay; that meal is enough to make me fight air travel to come visit you. mmmm.... happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

lol,so nice

Anonymous said...

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