Wednesday, January 14, 2009

38 weeks (and counting)

I had my 38-week appointment today. I wish I had a ton of great news regarding imminent delivery, but I don't. Dr. G. did an exam, and her guess is that she will see me next Friday for my 39 week appointment, baby still safely inside the womb. Her guess is also that he is now pushing 8 pounds.

We discussed induction possibilities. If cervix is looking ready-to-go (and the timing with her own adoptive mother is working out) we will look to induce right around 40 weeks. This would probably be sometime around January 28 or 29. Baby is pretty big so getting him out before he gains another 1/2 pound would be preferable. If cervix is not looking ready-to-go, we'd wait another week. Induction would fall for sure by February 4 or 5. (You don't want to induce before the cervix is ready as that increases your chance of having a c-section.)

So . . . we continue to wait. I actually slept pretty well last night -- a great blessing. My belly is measuring at 40 weeks, baby's heartbeat looks good, and my weight continues to stay the same -- right at 40 pounds.

Dr. G wouldn't expect me to be posting any labor announcements anytime soon, but the latest we are looking at is about 3 weeks. I will, of course, keep you all posted.


Tara said...

I'm thinking of you as you weather the last few weeks! And I'm looking forward to the birth announcement. :)

Amy T. S. said...

A was born at 38w 4d. I was not ready!

Drew and Emily said...

I remember sleeping really well for about 3 days prior to my water breaking and then going into labor. So, maybe, things will get going sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

I still think January 30 would be a good date!
xo Tante Jan