Monday, January 05, 2009

Eight miles!

JB and Scrubs successfully completed their longest run yet yesterday: EIGHT miles! You go guys!

JB is a little concerned that Scrubs will be able to make the entire long Sunday run with him. They did have to do the run after church since he had to see his patient at the hospital before church. That made it quite a bit warmer outside for the run. He said that as they hit the last three miles, Scrubs really started dragging. He'll check things out next Sunday and see how the pup holds up. I may have to meet them midway through the run with the car to take Scrubs home.

Mind you, Dalmatians were bred to run long distances. They were carriage dogs and would run with the stage coach for hours at at a time. I think Scrubs has it in him -- we just have to help him find the desire!

JB's half marathon is in about two months. Previously, the longest run he'd completed was a 6.2 mile (10K) that Josh H., JB, and myself ran back in Bowling Green, Kentucky. That was back in 2002 or so. It is my hope that post-baby, I can get back into running as well. I'm not sure I'll get up to half marathon status, but I would like to start running some 10K's again. We'll see.

Poor Scrubs. If both JB and I train for a race, that will mean running twice as much each week. Good thing he can't read or he might see this blog and get pretty nervous! We take every opportunity we can to exercise our dog so there's no way I'll go running without him. Be ready Scrubby!

P.S. A big thanks to Gabbi who has been trying to fix the brownness on my blog header. We'll see what we can get accomplished. That color has GOT to go!


Anonymous said...

I still have pink. :)

Jenny Wilson

Anonymous said...

I ran with my Dal ThelmaLou for years, until I had a knee replacement last year. She always had a hard time in the heat. So I never ran her very far on warm days at all. Dogs sweat only through their noses. Give her a cool day and she could go for miles and miles.

Anonymous said...

way to go John (and Scrubs!)