Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Post-run photos

JB didn't have to go in quite so early this morning. Instead, he and Scrubs tackled four miles as soon as the sun came up. He said Scrubs did much better on the four than he did on the eight on Sunday. We have to get this dog in half-marathon shape! :)

As usual, once they returned home, it was time for Scrubs to do some John-bonding. Scrubs is not a licking type of dog. For one, he just never has been, but for two, when he tries, the infamous "No lick" command comes flowing out of both of our mouths quite freely. We just don't want our dog to lick people to oblivion!

But after they run, Scrubs wants to lick JB like crazy. He wants to lick all the salt off of JB. We've realized that he is probably in need of salt that he lost during the run so JB not-so-happily obliges and then jumps in the shower right afterwards as he is completely saturated with Scrubs-slobber. It's the only time JB permits licking!

Here are a few photos from their bright and early morning:

Scrubs snuggling up to his running buddy.

Getting some licks in.

I think this would quantify as a nibble not as a lick!

That's a lick!

Here's Isaac watching Daddy and Dog from the other couch with remote in his control. This pillow is not a normal feature of our couch -- but it's leftover from Mommy's night of trying to get some sleep. She was not very successful.

And here's Scrubs, exercising all of his will power to not lick Isaac. Good boy Scrubs!


Marlene said...

Uh-oh...already training Isaac to commandeer the remote control??? Cute, cute pics as always.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

The pic of the nibble is PRICELESS!!

Hope you sleep better tongiht! :)

AW said...

LOVE the nibble picture! LOL! Really cute.

I caught JK standing in front of the tele the other day, pointing the remote at it and getting frustrated that it wasn't doing anything. Not really sure where he's seen that before...


I'm wondering if Scrubby had a little salt added to his daily food if that would help?

Anonymous said...

That dog is hee-larious! Such discipline! I love the pic of him just barely touching Isaac's face, holding back his wet tongue that must have been dying to come out...too cute!