Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday School Smiles

Today, JB taught Sunday School with me.

Boy: Points at John. "What is his name?"

Wendi: "His name is John."

Boy: "No, what is his last name?"

Wendi: "Oh, his last name is hard. You can just call him Mr. John."

Boy: Shakes his head. "I can say that!" Pauses. "Okay, Mr. Hard? Can I have some more cookies?"

I'm still smiling about that one!

At least today, I was not compared to an air headed fish.

* * *

In other news, my parents left very early this morning and were back in Fort Lauderdale by lunchtime. What a wonderful visit we had with them. We did a ton of eating, relaxing, walking, trips to the Bay . . . JB and I even took a brief break to go and see Marley and Me (very good but very sad) on Friday. We ended our visit last night by having some Indian food at a local restaurant owned by one of the physicians JB works with.

My Mom is so unbelievably helpful while she is here. I can't get her to relax: laundry, dishes, bottles, mopping my floors! She really blesses me during her time here. I truly get some "Mommy/wife vacation time" -- time I am really valuing as the "countdown-to-Elijah" marches onward.

We had a lot of plans for today, but since church, we've ended up each lying on a couch, with Isaac asleep on his Daddy's chest, Scrubs asleep by my feet, watching the Dolphins game! Scrubs and JB completed their longest run yet this morning in training for the half marathon in March: seven miles!

Scrubs is so cute when he gets back from a run. Normally that dog is attached to my hip, but after his run with JB, he won't leave JB. He sits on the ground while JB stretches, rubbing his face on JB's legs as if to say, "We're buddies! We are a team! We just ran seven miles together!"

Tomorrow I have an OB appointment and JB gets started on a pretty intensive week of the Family Medicine Team. But what a wonderful Christmas week we had as a family. We missed JB's family but truly had a very relaxing holiday. Hope everyone out there can say the same.


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I read this and thought VICTOR!!!!
Bub confirmed.

I totally forgot to ask you today who the girl guess is red-headed Madeline.

GREAT pic you gave me. LOVE it! You will have to tell me how to do that for next Christmas!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...


Joy Z said...

I was wondering if it was Victor or Bennett. I called Victor in to look at a picture of John. "What is his name? Do you remember him?" He says, "let me think, let me think, oh yeah, Mr. Hard!"

I also thought the Dory thing must've been Madeline, but I can totally see Hannah saying that!

Glad you guys are having such a fun time teaching our kiddos. Thanks again!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Yep it was all Victor! It cracked us both up bigtime!!!!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Hannah...she doesn't have a 19 year old brother though. And Madeline does. I can SOOOO see Hannah saying this. She is a hoot! :)
Maybe she meant 9...her older borther is 9! :)
FUN STUFF...children keep me laughing and young!

Anonymous said...

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