Friday, December 12, 2008

JB's wisdom

JB and I have been corresponding via email a lot while he is on this Pensacola rotation. As he gets a break from patients, he can check his email and shoot one back to me. It's really rather fun since on many of his other rotations here on Base, he doesn't get to his computer much at all.

So one of our recent email conversations had to do with how Isaac is feeling and the fact that I can't really get him to keep any solid foods down. JB said I was probably feeding him too much.

One of the long-standing jokes in our marriage has to do with JB's "desire to always be right." (Or as he would say "The fact that he is always right.") John often jokes that the one time he was wrong was the time he thought he was wrong. It used to cause a lot of real arguments in our relationship as he stuck to his guns and I tried to demand his admitting failure. But after ten years of marriage and fifteen years together, we rarely argue about this anymore. I accept the fact that he is never going to admit he is wrong. And he accepts the fact that he is only lying to himself about him never being wrong.

Okay Mister Doctor Captain JB. How much should I feed our boy to prevent him losing what he has eaten?

Hmmm . . . well, go with me now into JB's mind. He can't admit that he doesn't know! I mean that is the equivalent of admitting he is wrong. It's admitting a lack of perfection. Inconceivable!

Thus his response to my question regarding how much is the right amount of food?

The key is to stop before he barfs. But make sure you give him enough. But not too much.

In my next email, I pressed him to expand on this wealth of knowledge. How many bites was that exactly? My husband's response:

It's pretty simple actually:

  • Step one - feed baby the baby food
  • Step two - keep feeding until full
  • Step three - stop feeding one bite before he barfs
  • Step four - if he barfs you fed him one bite too many

Needless to say, I laughed out loud! That's my JB for you!


Anonymous said...

ya gotta love him:)
that's a long time of dating??

Becky said...

This is hilarious! I was cracking up as I read it. Thank you for a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Try starting out with some pediate light for babies starting with one teaspoon every 20 minutes to see if he can tolerate it. Then if he can keep it down then you can move up the pediate light in small increments such as one and half teaspoons every 20 minutes and so on.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I, too, laughed outloud!!!
That sounds so much like my hubby!
I hated when our little guys were sick. Can he gum up bread? I think you do cereal right? I just know that any time anyone in our house has tummy trouble we turn to the BRAT diet. Banana, rice, applesauce and toast.
Pedialyte may be a good thing too...can't remember the aging on that stuff but I loved it! :)

Anonymous said...

Wendi, this is too funny-you crack me up! Hope Isaac is doing better-and with John home more, have him do more feedings:)
love ya, mom k

Anonymous said...

Too Funny! lol. My Jon (an engineer) has a similar personality and it drives me CRAZY sometimes. After over 5 years of marriage, I think I am just starting to accept it with a sense of humor. ;)

Hope Isaac feels better soon. :)

-RJMB from HP.

Anonymous said...

Geez! Unfortunately JOHN influenced Bay when they were talking about the post-Nigeria "Johnocracy" (and later "Bayocracy") so now any time he IS right I have to hear "Nicole, there's a moral in that." The moral being that "Your husband is always right." Can you believe that nonsense!?
Too bad for him, I feel the same way about myself (I'm, of course, always right - even when I'm wrong).

Our disagreement is entertaining, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

so is it a guy thing then you think?