Friday, December 19, 2008

Another date

Joia is home and back posting on her blog. Thank goodness. I was going through some major Joia withdrawal. She posted two videos that I wanted to share with you.

This first video is the night she went into labor, while she was babysitting Isaac. Knowing "take-it-in-stride" Joia, she was probably filming this in between contractions. :)

Isaac meets Balloon

This second video is Keenan meeting his baby sister. However, what I find so cute about the video is that Keenan is calling Moriah "Isaac" -- as this is the "baby" that he knows! So sweet!

Keenan meets baby Moriah

In other news, JB and I had the opportunity to go out on our second date in one week last night. We went to a pharmaceutical dinner (which I can still attend as long as I am employed as a medical writer.) It was a wonderful dinner at a very posh seafood restaurant in Destin. I really enjoyed getting to spend some time chatting with Dena and Kacey, two of the very few female residents in JB's program. Brittney watched Isaac for us and said he was back to his regular, happy self! We are so blessed to have such great friends to watch our boy.

We actually became convinced that Isaac is back to himself when he woke up in the middle of the night last night, starving! The kid hasn't wanted to eat very much, and JB kept telling me he would decide when it was time to start eating his normal amounts. He decided at 2am last night that it was time! Normally if Isaac wakes up in the middle of the night, he talks himself right back to sleep. But last night, it quickly became evident that he had no intention of talking himself into anything. I attempted to change his diaper, and he became furious with me. So I gave that up, and as soon as I handed him his bottle, he scarfed it down, and then promptly fell asleep on my shoulder, something he doesn't do often. Our Isaac is back!

Bobbie's daughters, Paige and Brooke, also watched Isaac for me yesterday while I attended a breast feeding class at the hospital. What's even better is that they are quite used to Scrubs as he is over at their house playing with their lab Deuce all the time so they watched both of them for me. They said that other than getting into an annoying "please play with me" mood, Scrubs and Isaac were great! That's good news as I've often wondered how Scrubs will do with babysitters.

Many people have asked me if I plan to breast feed Elijah and the answer is a most definite yes. Honestly, I would have loved to try adoptive breast feeding (which can be attempted with hormones). However, my five years of infertility hormones left me not wanting to put anything artificial into my body for awhile, and JB and I opted to just go with bottle feeding for Isaac. I really enjoyed bottle feeding. I enjoyed how easy it was and how other people could help. But I am also looking forward to not having to pack bottles anywhere we go. It will be different and present a unique set of challenges, but I plan to give it my very best. Isaac has now learned to hold his bottle himself so I'll be able to feed both babies at the same time with some practice!

JB should be home at a good time today. He does have a Saturday call tomorrow which means he'll be gone from early morning Saturday until early morning Sunday, but I have a lot of work for RLSF to do so I'll keep myself busy.

Just four more shopping days until Christmas folks!


June said...

Hi, Wendi,

Breastfeeding is great - my Meredith was an EBF baby until she started solid foods a couple weeks ago. It's a physical skill that has to be learned, though, by both Mom and baby, so it may take a couple days or weeks for both parties to get the hang of it. Please don't get discouraged!

If you don't already have a BF-friendly support group, I recommend attending a local La Leche League meeting, if possible. Also, I learn very well from books (less from verbal or video instruction), and I found this book very handy - .

I am so excited for you and your family. I can't wait to virtually "meet" your second!

Anonymous said...

Wendi, I Was already contracting when I did the video of Isaac (at the beginning of it I think you can tell I'm breathing a bit hard), but they weren't bad yet... =)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the breast feeding class we have a friend who has bee attending with his wife - he blogged about it here - while it's a little crude it's hilarious - I think you'll get a laugh out of it Wendi