Friday, December 26, 2008

Scrubs celebrates

Our Scrubby had an exhausting Christmas Day. Not only did he go for a two mile run with JB, a trip to the Bay with me, and my daily two mile walk with me, but we played a lot with our flashlight and rings, and then Philip & Joia and family came over -- new people (and a brand new baby!) to smell and investigate.

When we finally found Scrubs on his bed late that night, he was conked out in such an interesting position, JB went to get the camera. Scrubs opened his eyes for a moment and then went right back to his slumber.

Merry Christmas Scrubby!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mr. Scubby. You deserve all the treats in the world for being such a good boy.

You're #1 Fan! LOL Mommy knows who it is.......

Anonymous said...

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