Saturday, December 06, 2008

Don't give 'em an inch

I've been sleeping on the couch recently. It has seemed to help me find a more comfortable spot as I've been having a lot of rib pain. I'm pretty sure Elijah has both his little feet planted firmly between my right ribs. He seems most comfortable like that.

Scrubs falls asleep wherever he wants. He usually chooses between an old piece of our sectional in our bedroom, another piece of the sectional in the breakfast nook/office (shown in the picture) or a blanket in the living room. He has a place of his own in each of the major rooms of the house which I think is pretty generous of us.

Ever since we found out about Isaac's arrival, our sofas in the living room have been a no-go for our big puppy. Scrubs knows this and really does not push the issue -- much. He is not even allowed to put a paw on the sofa. I don't want him jumping on guests or on little kids while they are relaxing on our furniture.

This morning I awoke to the wet nose of a dog at 5:40am. I managed to convince him to return to bed, and he did, for about one hour. At 6:30am he returned, wet nose and all. I was so tired and excited that Isaac was still sleeping. Please just go back to bed Scrubby.

Before I knew it, my sneaky dog had slithered up onto the couch right by my feet. Normally I just push him off. But I was so tired. And so pregnant. Leaning up and pushing him off would take so much effort. I let him lay there for about 60 seconds -- debating with my brain before the rational side of me took over. This is a bad idea. This will set a bad precedent. You'll be trying to break this for months. Despite the very tired side of me which was pleading to just leave him there so we could both go back to sleep, I instead decided to get up and get the dog off the couch. Might as well start our morning and stop a bad behavior before it gets started.

Scrubs went potty and got something to eat while I went to use the restroom. I'm sure there is no need to tell you where I found the little stinker upon my return. You guessed it -- right in that same corner of the couch. He looked at me, very pitifully, and I am positive his eyes were actually saying to me, "I'll be good. Really. Just this one little corner. Let's compromise."

I stood firm. No go! This dog takes up enough of our house. Our new furniture is just not up from compromise. Off you go little doggie. He walked away with tail between his legs, hurt that his 60 seconds hadn't accomplished more. No one ever told me that a dog was just like a toddler! Give them one inch and watch them take a mile!

Anyways . . . JB is staying away from Pensacola until Tuesday! He left as soon as he got up with Isaac in tow to run some errands and allow me some time to clean the house. Speaking of that, better get off the computer and back to it! Have a great weekend everyone. Just having our Daddy/JB home means we definitely will!

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