Saturday, December 13, 2008

Second year residents celebrate!

Last night Matt & Tiff hosted a wonderful get-together for all the second year residents. Nearly everyone was able to attend which was even better. JB and I did decide to go despite the fact that our little boy is very sick. We planned to put him down to sleep in one of the rooms, but he was so fascinated watching everything that he basically sat there, fairly content, most of the evening.

Anyways, here's some photos from the evening:

No Jodi didn't have too much to drink. This is her celebration for picking the "Number one" card in our white elephant game. This pick saved her from having to go home with a framed deer picture of Matt. :)

Joia looking beautiful and festive three weeks from delivery and host Tiffany looking equally beautiful and festive. Tiffany did a great job putting this evening together.

Shannon -- one of the three out of ten female residents and her new husband Joe.

Isaac managing a smile while sitting with Daddy. He mostly sat with Daddy (and Joia) for most of the evening. Smiles have been a rarity the last three days. Our poor little boy feels so crummy. Watching him be sick is just a horrible and helpless feeling!

Philip, Keenan, Joia (and little "Tiny" in utero)

Tiffany and William

Kacey (left) one of the three other female residents. She is engaged to be married in November.

Daddy comforting boy.

Erik and Andrea (with new addition Chloe.) Their other son Jonathon got to spend the evening at home with Grandma.

Rob, Della, and Sarah. Della has the same nasty cold as Isaac so Rob & Sarah spent the evening taking turns with Della back at their house while she slept. Good thing they just live three doors down.

It was a wonderful evening! I am so glad Isaac was able to handle the night out and so blessed by the friendships we've made here at Eglin. What a great group of friends -- they are truly our family here!

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