Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A long night . . .

It is 1pm on Wednesday. I just got back from Dr. G's office where Isaac was seen as a quick drop-in appointment.

Isaac had a really long night including one ninety minute period in which he was completely inconsolable. When you have a child who never even cries much and he then spends nearly an hour and a half screaming at the top of his lungs no matter what you do, it is a little overwhelming. In addition, he never wakes up in the night and last night he was up four times. During these times he didn't want to eat, wasn't dirty, but just couldn't put himself back to sleep.

During the worst bout, I had no choice but to wake JB up as I didn't know what else to do. We were actually dressed and ready to head up to the ER to see what might be going on in his little belly when JB said he would try one more time to get him to relax -- it took about 40 minutes but our little guy finally fell asleep with Daddy in the rocker.

Dr. G. is a tad concerned about the possibility of a bacterial infection with such a high fever. She is giving us a few hours to see if his fevers can stay down and he can start feeling better. Yesterday they peaked at 103. If we can't get things under control, she wants us to come in and get some blood work done. We are all hoping to avoid our little guy having to get blood work so if you think of it, just say a prayer for our little boy. That when he gets up from his nap he is feeling great and back to his normal self. He had a short window today that he got down on the ground and was playing, climbing all over Scrubs and trying to share his toys with Scrubby. I pray that when he wakes up, he is back to that same Isaac.

Thanks everyone! Sorry this is dominating my blog, but I really don't have much else to share with you except this right now. Seeing your little baby sick is a really stinky feeling!


Joy Z said...

Playing with the dog is a good sign...I'll keep praying for him and you guys! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

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