Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain, rain go away!

Folks it is still raining. I managed to get out in the yard and throw the Frisbee with Scrubs about four times before it started again. It has rained non-stop for nearly two days now. We are a little cooped up right now. Scrubs just sits at the window, dreaming about his old friend Deuce who he probably thinks he is never going to get to see again. When you have a dog that lives for exercise (or is it that I live for him to be exercised), the inability to go outside cramps your style. We've played with the flashlight and rings more times than I can count, but it isn't the same as a good walk, run, or romp at the bay with Deuce.

In addition to the rain keeping us inside, Isaac is pretty darn sick. He's now got a fever, a cough, and a runny nose. While he did stay in his bed last night, he was coughing and waking up nearly hourly which meant I was too. No one got much sleep. JB didn't get home until well after 1am but was sweet enough to get up with us at 6am and take a look at Isaac, give him some Tylenol, and feed him before the little guy just fell asleep right on JB and went back down for four hours!

Tomorrow is JB's last rotation in Pensacola. He was fortunate enough to be able to switch to an earlier rotation which means he'll be home in time to go to the 2nd year resident Christmas party at Matt & Tiff's tomorrow evening. Hopefully Isaac will be feeling up to the festivities.

Another glance out the window and another glance into dreary, cold rain. Cabin fever is setting in. C'mon sunshine!

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I know the feeling its has been horrible here too with lots of rain and thunderstorms most of yesterday and all day today, 4 dogs no exercise and a headache that just won't stop thanks to the weather. Hoping for better weather tomorrow to get them out and run them. I feel guilty putting them out in the rain to make them go potty but hey come on like I need to clean up after 4 dogs just because they don't a little water on them. LOL :)