Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My future

If anyone can picture my future accurately, it is my online friend Amy. She and I originally met on Hannah's prayer online discussion board. We were both married and wanting families. It seemed that neither of us were getting any closer to that goal.

While we moved forward with China, Amy moved forward with a domestic adoption. Twelve months later she had two boys in her home -- a surprise pregnancy for her as well. Just a few hours after I found out I was pregnant, I emailed Amy. I think I wrote something like, "We really have a lot in common Amy." She knew instantly what I meant. I beat her slightly as my boys will be 8-9 months apart, but I think you get the idea of why she understands the road we are taking.

Amy recently took a video of her two boys to illustrate what my future looks like. This makes me smile from ear to ear every time I watch it! Let the adventure begin!



Anonymous said...

I had no idea that you and John were pregnant.
Wow! congratulations! that makes me so happy to hear. best of luck to you in the coming months. please give my best to John
--Sam Balin

Anonymous said...

How funny! =)

Gabbs said...

LOL, that is SOOO funny. And that's exactly how Nate would be if he had a younger sibling. =) Isaac and Elijah are going to be the best of friends!!

Amy T. S. said...

Yes, aren't they adorable?! Biased much? ;o)