Friday, November 18, 2016

We Bought a Farm: The Girls' Bedroom

When we bought this farm, we fell in love with the farm. We did not fall in love with the house. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly blessed by our house. It is quite adequate. But it is a little tight for six people. It is three bedrooms with a closed floor plan, and our only extra room downstairs is a formal dining room I converted into a school room. 

After much discussion, we decided, at least for now, that we don't want to put a lot of money into making this house bigger. We want to make the space we have work and use money we could use for adding on to pay off the farm faster. 

This means coming up with creative ways of making the house work. 

The first major issue are the kids rooms. Upstairs in our house are two bedrooms connected by a bathroom. The rooms are decent sized, but the closets are fairly small, and while we feel that our kiddos fit in these rooms well now, we think it'll be might tight as they get bigger. So we decided to start with the girls' room and come up with a really great built-in bed and closet system that will help them grow in the space. 

Here is the design:

And here is JB's first bit of progress on it:

We are so excited to finally be working on this. We've had it on the agenda for so long, but farm stuff kept trumping it. We finally hit a little bit of a slower time on the farm, and JB decided it was now or never. Abigail has been sooooo excited. She found a picture of a bed in a book and decided many moons ago that that is what she wanted her bed to look like, and that is what she has had her heart set on. She made JB give her a deadline, put her ruler and book together, and has not let him off the hook to get this started.

I plan to update this post as the project advances. So stay-tuned!

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