Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Smoke and Wind and Rain and Fire

If you think of it, please say a prayer for Eastern Tennessee. We've been dealing with smoke warnings for weeks now due to fires raging around us. Some days it isn't that noticeable. Other days it is really bad. Isaac, who struggles with allergies, has to remain inside on those days. They are starting to evacuate just an hour from us due to fires. We currently aren't concerned about our farm, but we really want to see an end to the fires.

What would help is RAIN!

We are also dealing with an incredible drought. Locals tell us this is the worst they ever remember it being. (The monthly total for September was .63 in our area. October was .50 and November was .50.) Our area averages 42.8 inches a year to help you see how little rain we've had. Honestly, throughout the summer and fall, we only remember a few times that it rained. We lost many of the new trees we planted and had to water all our vegetables by hand.

Schools are cancelled today due to intense wind last night that knocked down trees and power lines -- up to 80mph gusts were rumored. We are anxious for the sun to come up this morning so we can see how our animal enclosures faired overnight. Of the most concern is our "Egg mobile" which is illustrated in this video below. While it is tied down extensively, it is not designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

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