Sunday, November 06, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Broken wrist in the midst of pigs

We had a heck of a time with our second Mama pig this evening. JB was sleeping after working a night shift. She delivered two babies, and then just stopped delivering altogether. And she wasn't nursing the two she had. The mom also got through the electric wire and was separated from her babies. Just a big mess. My father-and-law and I tried a bunch of things and just couldn't get mom with babies. Our other mom ended up with the two babies in her area, and she was rejecting them. 

(I should note that this is partly due to how we have chosen to do things on our farm. We want nature to take its course. We don't want to be moving pigs to birthing areas and things like that. We recognize that this means we may lose some pigs, but we are comfortable with that. We have to keep things easy. We also hope that this means we will end up with moms and babies who can birth without needing much assistance.)

I ended up deciding to wake JB up about an hour earlier than he would have liked. He did a pelvic exam on the pig and was able to get her to finish delivering. She ended up with four babies. At least by the time night fell. We will see how she is doing in the morning. When we said good night to her this evening, she was nursing them all, and everything was peaceful!

In the midst of all of this pig drama, came a drama of a different sort. JB and I were working on getting Mom and babies back together when we both turned to see Isaac flying down our huge steep driveway on his scooter. He is not a crazy kid and so we were a bit shocked by his dare-devil bike riding and looked at each other a bit dumb-founded. Just as we did this, he went flying off his scooter and came up grabbing his right wrist.

A trip to the ER before JB started his shift confirmed he had broken his wrist. Isaac is quite sad that this will affect his piano-playing for the foreseeable future. In fact most of the things he enjoys right now (Legos, piano, and tennis) will be impacted by this. This kid was actually playing left-handed while he waited for us to load him up to go to the ER. He loves his piano.

Poor little guy!

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Anonymous said...

So funny -everytime you talk about the mom I keep picturing John's mom as I read cuz you talked about Dad! Maybe better say Mom or Mama Pig there :)hehe!