Saturday, November 05, 2016

My kid sister and me

I don't have a sister. But I have a few women in my life who have truly filled that role for me -- so much so that I don't feel the need to have a real sister. Those women know who they are so I don't need to call each of them out. 

But I will call one of them out ...

One of those women and I got to spend two days together this past week. JB's brother Matt and his wife Danielle live in South Florida. They were taking a little bit of a vacation after becoming new parents and we decided to pop over and see them for a little break ourselves. Dad and Mom (and mom's sister Betsy) watched the kiddos and the farm (what a blessing!), and we each got a cabin next door to each other for two nights. 

Oh what a wonderful time we had! Danielle is quite a bit younger than me, but we chat every single day with each other. She has been pivotal in my recent decision to get myself back at the weight I wanted to be at. I finally decided to lose the last 20 pound of post-Hannah weigh with her help. (I have 5 more to go!) What I especially love about Dani is that while she is eating healthy with me, we both totally reserve our cheat days for amazing food and desserts!! We know that this has to be something we can both sustain. I try to help her with motherhood and she helps me with food and we are a great team!

Here is Danielle showing off her dessert from French Broad Chocolates. (Don't worry! Mine was just as big!) Folks this whole store just SCREAMED Wendi. Holy cow!!!! I was honestly like dumb-founded by the whole display.

We ate at a restaurant in Asheville called RHUBARB. It was, and I do not take this statement lightly, the BEST meal I have EVER eaten. JB said that it was tied with one meal he had in Germany. And both Matt and Danielle ranked it the top as well. We were all, honestly, almost licking our plates. Absolutely AMAZING food with street entertainment while we ate. Delicious! (This includes anything I have ever eaten at home, in Turkey, Germany, or Portugal.) Absolutely AMAZING!!! We also ate at two other restaurants that I also recommend highly: CURATE and CHESTNUT

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TAV said...

So great you could get away! And the food sounds delicious!!