Saturday, November 19, 2016

For those of you with kiddos obsessed with superheroes

So my boys used to be obsessed with superheroes. At some point, someone (maybe us?) bought them The Action Bible. They liked it, and we read it to them, but it wasn't that big of a deal to them.

And then the superhero fascination passed. They moved into other things like Star Wars. But at the age of 8, Isaac brought the Bible back out and started reading it at night, over and over and over again. And Sidge followed. They've actually been arguing over this Bible, and reading it in their spare time. 


If you have a child in your life from about the age of 7 up, I really recommend this book. The kiddos LOVE IT! I am not required to write this review. I did not receive this product for free. We simply LOVE IT!

You can see that this is set up like a comic book strip. It was actually illustrated by a former comic book illustrator from Marvel. (At least that is the rumor.)


Kell said...

Have you seen the Action Bible? If not, google it. It's awesome! Zeke loves reading it and has learned so much about the Bible from it.

Rachel and Hans said...

I think thor would love this! Might have to do this as a Christmas gift!