Thursday, November 10, 2016

Isaac and his piano return

Adjusting to life with a cast hasn't been easy, but Isaac is getting the hang of it. He met with his piano teacher on Wednesday and discussed some things he could do to be working on his piano during the month (or so) that he has his cast on. (He also rode his bike today one-handed!)

After working out the soreness in his hand, he is starting to play two-handed. His thumb is still really sore, but he's totally getting it. I wasn't sure his teacher would think this is a good idea, but she says that unless there is pain, go for it!

And he's also doing some "inventing" of music with Daddy using his good hand. Isaac really likes to write music, and his teacher thinks that his brain is moving in a composing direction:

He's also doing a lot of practicing of scales and other things with his left hand while his hand heals.

I had a long talk with Isaac's piano teacher on Wednesday. Isaac is showing great promise in this instrument and has a passion for it like she rarely sees. It was exciting to hear that he is doing as well in her eyes as we think he is in our's. You love to hear people brag on your kiddos!

We want each of our children to find what they love and what brings them joy, and we are so blessed to see that Isaac is handling this so well. We have a new WWOOFer here (great gal named Leah!), and she told him how great it was that he did not give up in the face of injury. That meant a lot to him, and he took it to heart.

Each of my children is so unique in their interests and skills. Sidge loves animals and farming and is devoted to his dogs. He is also doing GREAT in piano as well and having a blast in his co-op classes. He thinks about concepts and difficult topics with great thought and perspective. Abigail is fascinated by medicine and ballet. She is learning to read and write and starting to ask some "Sidge-like" questions that keep us on our toes. And Hannah -- well time will tell, but the kid definitely has passion wrapped all over her.

Being a parent is awesome. And blood means absolutely nothing to me. Isaac is our boy and my pride for him is so amazingly huge -- equalled with his three younger siblings. I love being their mom!

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Nancy Gritter said...

This is so awesome! Way to go Isaac! His passion for piano is amazing and that he is finding a way to do it, even in adversity, is so cool! It is fun to watch them find their JOY and persue it! Hailey with her ballet, Shelby with her violin, Yours with ballet and loving animals and farming, is such a blessing to help them find their passion and to watch them grow! You and John are incredible parents! By the way, I commend you for taking a rest from Facebook...I am right along with's exhausting watching the hate and ya, Nancy