Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Tribe Life Tuesday: The Overwhelming Ocean

Happy TribeLife Tuesday!
I invite you today to step out onto the shoreline with me. Take in the beauty of ocean; study its width, length, and depth. Breathe in the salty ocean air and observe the scene around you. What a beautiful gift it is! While the water is beautiful, there is an inherent mystery found within. Each wave created contains a certain amount of randomness, this is due to the momentum of the wind or the depth of the water. Even though we try our best to predict the them and read the signs, waves are unpredictable.
Does that sound a bit like life?
During the calm of the ocean you can see uninterrupted for miles, yet during a storm, that once clear view becomes blurred. And this is where I begin today’s post…
Recently, I have felt a bit taken over by a “life wave”; it's not quite a tidal wave but it’s a wave big enough to make you lose your balance and submerge. Have you ever had a “life wave” hit you? Whether bad or good, their crash is merciless and, if you’re in their path, you are sure to get wet. This recent life wave has forced me to stare some of my unhealthy habits in the face and address them. This face to face has brought numerous emotions with it; grief, struggle, and a tenacity for health (in all areas). You see, life waves can be relentless revealers and graceful growers if you let them.
My life wave led me to take a long hard look at my life and I want to invite you into your own moment of introspection.
Do you feel overtaken or submerged by life? If so, my hope is that you will navigate the storms well, knowing that this too will pass and calmer waters will follow. 
I hope that in every season and through every life wave, you learn to care for yourself first, that you have a tribe or community by your side, and that when you reflect on your life you are proud of who you were and hopeful for who you are becoming! 
See you next Tuesday!
~Carrie Alford

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