Monday, November 07, 2016

Living life left-handed

Today Isaac got a cast on his right hand. He has spent the last 24 hours truly in the dump without his piano. He has really been grieving the thought of not having it in his life for a number of weeks. I knew piano was big to him, but I didn't realize how big until he hurt his hand.

He was very happy when the doctor told him they'd give him as much of his fingers as they could when they put on the cast and that he was allowed to play piano as best he could with no limitations. However, he still realized that playing would be difficult. I mentioned a comment I received on Facebook from a former student athlete of mine in Minnesota. She said: "Tell him to really practice those left handed skills and scales in the piano! It will make him so much better when he has both hands again." Well, I read him that comment, and he really took it to heart. He decided to really spend time concentrating on his left hand! Check it out: 

Isaac really doesn't like pictures or videos much, but he let me take this one:

P.S. As for our pigs, we are down to one little piggie that seems to be nursing and doing well. We have no idea what happened to two of its litter mates and the fourth one died today. So we are holding out hope that this one little one will make it. Even before this all happened, the kids had named her/him Lucky so we are excited to see if it can pull out a miracle. We also found it really neat when our friend William from our life in Turkey said that he thought God gave us Lucky with spots to remind us of Scrubs. Maybe so!

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