Sunday, November 20, 2016

Meeting puppies!

One of my good friends from homeschool co-op has a farm about fifteen minutes from us. Her kids have become my kids bestest friends. Their Great Pyrenees had nine puppies, and we were excited to go to their farm and meet the little guys. Sooooo cute .....

Sidge and his friend Joshua

And with Jada

There's the Mama and her nine little pups nursing away -- while Dad peers in.

Hannah loved the pups!

Sidge wanted to buy one of these SOOOO badly. He said he had enough money. Thank goodness they were all sold. 

This little girl is wearing her shirt backwards because at the boys' tennis lesson that morning she wanted to take off her shirt entirely. I told her she could not. She then tried wearing it every single other way imaginable (including on her head and with her hands out one sleeve and finally backward) to show that she could still "keep it on" but do it her way. 

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